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Welcome to Donna Creations,
I have quality crochet beaded hats, pouches, ruffled purses, crocodile stitch, and shoulder bags. More to come.
I try to price my items fairly and give you a quality product.  Keep in mind that we do not charge shipping and handling.  As time goes by I will be adding more things, so please feel free to return often, and tell a friend.  Refer to the top page of each category for details on that particular product.

 I have been knitting, crocheting and crafting since I was a young girl.  I never get tired of yarn passing through my fingers and watching as a sweater or doily or purse or some magical thing takes form before my eyes.   That wonderful meditative feeling as I select a new and beautiful color to work with.  My fabulous husband just smiles as I say, "just one more row honey", he is a great artist and photographer himself, so we get along quite well. A lot of love, care and creativity goes into everything I make.

Thank you so much for coming by,  please enjoy your visit and have a great day!  Contact me if you have any questions.

Recycled soda can pull tab earrings $20.00 per pair, includes shipping and handling.

Slouchy Hats.


Felted hats

Beaded hats



Ruffled purses


Crocodile Stitch shoulder bags

Dazy Doozy  shoulder bags


Gypsy shoulder bags

Spirit Ladder shoulder bags


Tetrahedral Birdie Backpack Pals

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