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About my Gypsy Tassel Shoulder Bags:


I get a lot of complements when I carry one of these shoulder bags. They are a great size and each bag has an internal pocket for your convenience. I wanted a purse design that was fun, with a size that was not overwhelming. The body holds my good sized wallet, sunglasses plus a pocket for my chapstick, keys, cell phone, and other little items. However, these purses will hold much more! The sizes are indicated below for each individual purse. We have all lugged around a 10 pound purse at one time or another in our lives. Personally, I am just trying to cut back to bare necessities, so this bag is perfect for me. It is soft, light, and stays nicely on my shoulder. 

The pink white and black bag, and the lavender bag have "gypsy" mirrors stitched to the front side of the bag.  The mirrors add a very special elegance that really set them off. 

(Credit: My gypsy shoulder bag is a modified version of a free pattern called: "Chevron Shoulder Bag", from 

11 ½" wide  11 ½" tall 
32 ½" strap 
Pocket 8½ wide X 5" tall

11" wide  11" tall 
32 ½" strap 
Pocket 6 ¾ wide X 4¾" tall

10 ½" wide  12 ½" tall 
33" strap 
Pocket 7 wide X 5 ¼" tall

Autumn Shades 
1 ½" wide  12" tall 
35" strap 
Pocket 8½ wide X 5" tall
$55.00 each
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Gypsy Tassell Shoulder Bags
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