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Donna Creations
Hand Knitted hats with hand strung beads.

Front, side, and back views of hat design.  Each lovely creation takes about 13 hours to create and costs $50.00.
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Welcome to my Hand Knitted and Beaded Cloche Style Hats that are ideal for Chemo patients:

I got started making these hats as a gift for a dear friend who happens to have cancer, but these lovely hats are elegant and wearable by all of us gals.  I made some for myself and love wearing them.  Be ready for lots of complements!  I wear them with my hair all up underneath and sometimes with my hair out.  They are stylish, fun, sassy and make a unique fashion statement that is perfect dressed up with that "little black dress" or adorable dressed down with a top and jeans.   I also make a scalloped bead fringe for those who may prefer not to have the hanging fringe (see styles below).  The white hat would be perfect to use as part of a wedding ensemble. 

While a lot of ladies use chemo wigs, turbans, and scarves to ease them through the hair loss process of chemo, they find them uncomfortable, insecure, and hot as well.  Ladies that purchased my hand knitted cloche, love how light weight, soft, comfortable and secure they feel on.  The semi-open knitted pattern style and super light weight yarn allows your scalp to “breath” and is comfortable to wear even in summer, yet it still has good coverage. 

This cloche style hat fits close to the head yet has a deep crown that pulls down to frame the face.  It is stretchy enough to be quite comfortable, the elastic is very soft.  The beaded fringe creates a bang effect lying just above the brow line.  The remaining fringe lies beautifully around your head moving as you move, like having “beaded hair”. 

These lovely beaded creations are made from high quality Lion Brand, "Vanna's Glamour" yarn with a thread of metallic "glitz".   The yarn is 96% Acrylic, 4% metallic Polyester, very light weight.  The beads are good quality glass beads which I select and hand string.  I put soft elastic in the band just above the beads, I leave the elastic in a bow so you can adjust the tightness (I recommend a loose fit to avoid discomfort and circulation issues).  Each hat takes me about 13 hours to complete. 

To order just select the # of the desired hat below, what you select is what you will receive.   As I continue to create these hats they will be added to the available choices.  If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email (see email link below).  I also welcome any input you may have. 
Enjoy your visit, tell a friend! 


Hand knitted hats with hand beading 

Gold w/gold glitz

Onyx (black) w/black glitz

SOLD - no longer available


Sapphire (navy blue) w/bright blue glitz


Bronze w/copper glitz
SOLD - no longer available


Grey Stone (medium grey) w/grey glitz

Lapis (dark teal) w/blue glitz

$50.00 each
free shipping

Or, send check to:
Donna Keas
PO Box 474
Lucerne, CA. 95458


All computer monitors show slightly different colors.  This color chart of the yarns used will give you a better idea of the hat colors. 

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